Our Famous Facebook Audit!

We have had a lot of our clients ask us how to optimize their Facebook business page more effectively. We decided to make a Facebook Audit that we go through with our clients to make sure that they have all of the necessary items on their Facebook page as well as giving them a plan for the […]

Museum of the Rockies Re-Designs

We have had so much fun with this project for Museum of the Rockies. They came to us to help them refresh their store at the museum – tshirts, stickers, mugs, etc. They were excited to be able to get custom, professional designs that were completely unique to them. Once we came up with the […]

Red, Yellow and Green Clients

Know your Green, Yellow and Red Clients. What are Green, Yellow and Red clients, you may ask, and what does this have to do with marketing? Good question! This is one of the best things I have learned and implemented into my business from a marketing standpoint. A Green client is someone who spends lots of […]

Should you be trying to “close” the sale?

I was reading a blog article from Emyth tonight. The article really resonated with me because I have never believed in or pursued being a “hard salesman”. What I mean by “hard sales” is putting pressure on your clients to make a decision immediately, coercing them, or thinking of only what you get out of it whether or not […]

5 Things Millennials Expect from Retailers

Digital marketing and branding has changed a lot in the last few years. Even the older demographic have changed what they expect from the companies that they work with. It used to be that the loudest or the more “in-your-face” marketing was considered the best. Now it has completely turned upside down and it is the businesses […]

How Design Affects Our Everyday Lives: Fonts

It is interesting how design affects our everyday lives. The following excerpt from Subliminal is a great example of why we do what we do. The unconscious elements will often determine whether or not prospective clients even give you the time to earn their business. Here’s an example of how important fonts are in making your branding effective or non-effective.  “…participants […]

Phillips Hardwood Floors Logo Design

Phillips Hardwood Floors came to us to refresh their logo. We really enjoyed this project and we came up with the end result that they truly wanted. They wanted a combination of modern and traditional, like the work that they do in their own business. We started our initial designs with a more modern acorn and then […]

Wildrye Distilling

We have really enjoyed this recent group of projects that we have been able to partner with Wildrye on. We have reworked the design of their labels and cap straps. We are also working on the design of their new website (coming soon)! Phil, the owner, is truly an artisan and we really enjoy working […]

Bloom – Making Skin Happy Label Design & Printing

We loved working on this project with Bev at Bloom. We designed and printed labels for her sample size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face wash and body wash. Check out her organic skin care website here. Great organic skincare products.

Logo Design

Description: This is our Premium Logo Package. With this package you receive 4-5 completely unique ideas as well as unlimited revisions to those designs (within reason). Also included with this package is basic design and market research. We have you fill out a logo info form before we do any work and have a consultation to […]