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Full-Service Video Creation

Good products and services matter. Stories are what connect people with businesses and brands— video marketing is a great way to show off a company’s personality, people, culture, and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your website as well as build brand awareness.

We provide the tools to communicate your company’s story, engage and educate customers, increase business visibility, and drive sales on your website. Our video products include company profiles, customer testimonials, scripted ads, and much more. All our videos are produced in at least 1080p HD and delivered in mobile and web-ready formats.

Some of our work:

What type of video should I have for my business?

We’ve made the process of creating a video simple, everything from production to delivering proven types of videos that work with any business. Here are 6 types of videos that we offer — of course if you need a completely custom solution we can do that too! 

Profile Videos

Promote, demonstrate or inform in a personal way

Seen as more personal and genuine when compared to traditional ads, a video profile introduces personality and a face to you, your company, and your products. Inform, educate, and influence decisions with engaging videos.

A company profile is the most versatile kind of video that we offer!

Video Testimonials

Let your customers sell for you

Use existing customers to communicate real customer experiences. Video testimonials are perceived as genuine, believable, and more authentic than text alone.

Testimonials establish credibility & increase conversion!

Scripted Ads/Commercials

Deliver a compelling story that grabs attention

A professionally written script and recorded voiceover reinforces your message and delivers a compelling story that grabs attention and persuades audiences.

Video ads persuade and promote!

Youtube/Social Media-style videos

Deliver short, professionally scripted, and produced video segments with your company news and announcement.  Video News Releases are strong public relations tools that spark media attention. These types of videos are also very popular on social media. Engage with your social media audience quickly and effectively with social media shorts. These types of videos are effective when paired with content that defines a product or service that you want to highlight.

Describing the Video Production Process

From ordering to production to delivery, we make the video production process simple, fast, and fun!

Getting Started

To begin our process, we generally start with an intake form so that we can learn your goals and expectations for the project. This step is the planning phase and it is where we sit down to discuss the best final product for you and your business. We generally carve out about 2 weeks for this process.


For some of our projects that contain more of a narrative, we will move through a storyboard so that we can see the vision of how the shots will work together. In this step, we will sketch out different frames so that the visuals of the video are on par with what we have in mind.

Day of Shoot

With the preparation up to this point, our shoot day is very streamlined and efficient so that no time is wasted for you or our team. We will arrive, set up, and be ready to shoot in a timely manner with a proper heads up.

Editing & Proofing

After the day of the shoot, we generally take about 2-3 weeks for the first round of edits depending on the project. During this time we will be in touch with any questions or sticking points in the editing portion. Once we have files ready to proof, we will notify you and your team that we are ready to either sit down and look things over to send the files over digitally.

Final Files

After approval, the files are yours! We will upload all final versions of the video(s) in your requested file type. Depending on the size of the final file, we can discuss the best options for sharing files.

Video Lengths

Video lengths vary based on the final goals of the project. Depending on which of the video options you choose and want to discuss, we can discuss recommendations for video length for your specific project. We find that 45 seconds or less is a sweet spot with keeping your audience’s attention throughout unless you are interested in a more long-form video.

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