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Case Study: Big Sky Bravery


Brand Building


Bozeman, MT

Big Sky Bravery was founded in 2015 to provide weeklong programs (Tasks Forces) in Montana’s restorative surroundings for active duty Special Operation Forces. This community makes up only 3% of the U.S. Armed Forces but has suffered over half of all combat casualties in recent years. These Task Forces are an all-expense paid, world-class experience that grants these individuals the rare opportunity to decompress, rediscover what was lost on the battlefield, and experience the hope and freedom they are all fighting for.

When Big Sky Bravery first started their organization, they were eager to grow their donor base in order to help more Special Operations Forces. Our team was able to help them get exposure through design, printing and apparel. As they have grown, and brought on new partners and donors, Concept continues to be able to provide marketing materials relevant to their growth.

Concept worked with Big Sky Bravery to create apparel, fundraising and print media that continues to draw additional donors to their organization. Following our successful collaborations, Big Sky Bravery recognizes us as a dependable marketing ally for diverse marketing product needs, and we love that we can continue to contribute towards their brand recognition and always increasing donor base.


Big Sky Bravery came to us in their earliest stages with a great desire to bring attention to their mission. When just starting out, how can an organization make a difference if only a few people know about it?


Concept has been able to scale with Big Sky Bravery as they grow, whatever the scope. Through Big Sky Bravery’s investment in apparel and other marketing collateral, they have found that the work they put into fostering brand recognition creates a return for growing their donor base and exposure.

Words from the Client