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Our Team

Our team here at Concept Design Studios is made up of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. We all work hard to fulfill the needs of our clients while also enjoying the company of one another. Continue reading below to find out a bit about the wonderful people working hard to create your t-shirts, logos, websites, signs, and more.

Comfort Price

Comfort Price

President and Founder

If you have questions about anything related to growing a business, Comfort is the first person you should talk to! With a background in graphic design, Comfort saw a need for local businesses to have better marketing solutions for all their print, signs, promotional products and websites and to be able to work with a single local company who understands their needs.  At Concept, Comfort is involved in every area of operations and knows our product catalog from front to back.

Comfort, born in Kenya, East Africa, grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she met Steve in high school. They have been together ever since. Steve came out to graduate school at MSU, and Comfort followed shortly thereafter. Montana has been their home since 2002. When not working, Comfort enjoys spending time with her daughter. Favorite things to do when out of the office are hiking with her family, reading a good book (yes, lots of times business books!), and exploring new places around Montana.

Comfort values Concept’s incredible team of experts who work together so well. All small businesses have their challenges, but she is motivated to wake up every morning by the prospect of working alongside such amazing people.


Steve Price

Steve Price

Marketing and Digital Services

Steve works with our clients to build custom digital solutions, from websites to digital marketing strategy. Before working at Concept, Steve honed his problem solving and coding skills at Montana State University while pursuing a PhD in Physics. Since moving to Bozeman in 2002, he’s spent as much time outside as possible biking, fishing, backpacking, gardening and golfing. Steve loves exploring new ideas in the world of the internet and small business growth strategies and puts those to work for our clients.

Steve also oversees our apparel production team.  If you have a question about how we can decorate or customize your hats, tshirts, or jackets he can probably help!

Steve was born in Panama, Central America, and grew up all over the world. When not working, Steve is a man of many interests and aims at perfecting his hobby du jour. He loves to golf, cook, do wood-working projects, play violin, and take his daughter biking. His love of the outdoors was a draw to Montana and remains one of the perks of working here.

Matt Lueck

Matt Lueck

Graphic Designer

Matt Lueck is a Montana native, born and raised in Billings. He has always had a passion for art and design, and chose Montana State University to pursue graphic design. In 2008 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and he has been designing for the Gallatin Valley ever since.

He loves living in Bozeman and feels privileged to be able to design for the community. Matt joined Concept Design Studios in 2016 and enjoys being on a team where he can be creative and develop solutions for a wide range of clients. He relishes new projects, working with clients, learning new things,and sharing his expertise. With over 13 years of experience, Matt has designed an extensive variety of media and applications, including logos, websites, flyers, vehicles, signs, animation, and more.

In his spare time, Matt likes to go camping in his 1995 RV, which he hopes will last many more miles. He also enjoys hiking, kayaking, and biking, as well as binge-watching his favorite shows and playing video games. Matt can’t see himself living anywhere but Bozeman and loves being able to live, work, and play in this great valley!


Bobb Clanton

Bobb Clanton

Pit Boss

Bobb Clanton, with Concept Design Studios is currently in the Witness Protection Program and living in Venezuela.

In reality, Bobb Clanton is the pit boss at Concept Design Studios. He is a self-taught designer and producer with experience in signs, logo design, banners, vehicle graphics, and much more. Bobb first started designing and making signs in 1992. Though things have changed drastically in his 20+ years of working in the marketing industry, he is adamant about staying up-to-date and proficient with all the current methods and trends.

Bobb joined Concept Design Studios in 2014 after a lengthy stay in Costa Rica and Panama, from which some thought he may never return. Bobb is also the bass player and sings for the popular Montana-based band The Max. Bobb enjoys riding motorcycles and traveling. When not making signs, playing shows, or riding motorcycles, Bobb is aiming to visit every corner of the planet – which currently includes 48 U.S. States (all but Alaska & Maine) and 23 countries and counting.


Dakota Murdock

Dakota Murdock

Production Assistant

Dakota has been working on the  production side of Concept since October 2018. You can find him working alongside Bobb printing shirts, constructing signage, and doing installs. With a love of art, design, and working with his hands, jumping on the Concept team has been a great fit. Getting the chance to work on such diverse projects with an exceptional team keeps Dakota on his toes and makes it fun to come to work each day.

Outside of work you can find Dakota working on a wide array of hobbies such as leather carving, art, cooking, music, and making jewelry and furniture. He also finds enjoyment in the outdoors with hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, and just spending time in nature.

The future for Dakota is broad with adventures to embark on, challenges to conquer, and dreams to fulfill, but he hopes that his faith, love for his family, and his heart for those around him will be a positive influence on those around him.