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Everything You Need to Grow Your Business

Comfort Price

If you have questions about anything related to growing a business, Comfort is the first person you should talk to! With a background in graphic design, Comfort saw a need for local businesses to have better marketing solutions for all their print, signs, promotional products and websites and to be able to work with a single local company who understands their needs.  At Concept, Comfort is involved in every area of operations and knows our product catalog from front to back.

Comfort, born in Kenya, East Africa, grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she met Steve in high school. They have been together ever since. Steve came out to graduate school at MSU, and Comfort followed shortly thereafter. Montana has been their home since 2002. When not working, Comfort enjoys spending time with her daughter. Favorite things to do when out of the office are hiking with her family, reading a good book (yes, lots of times business books!), and exploring new places around Montana.

Comfort values Concept’s incredible team of experts who work together so well. All small businesses have their challenges, but she is motivated to wake up every morning by the prospect of working alongside such amazing people.