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Why did you start this business?

I started this business because I saw a need for small businesses to have their own personal marketing department, without having to staff it. I managed a sign department for a small business before starting CDS and I learned a lot of valuable lessons from interacting with clients. Most small business owners or managers don’t have a lot of free time and they aren’t designers or marketers. They are experts in their field and shouldn’t be wasting their valuable time either doing their marketing themselves or running around to 12 different businesses to get their designs designed, their signs produced, their letterhead printed, and their promotional products made. My goal has been to be a one-stop marketing studio. We are the ones who keep your logos on file so that if you need to send them to someone, you have them. I would say a very large percentage of all of the clients from my previous job didn’t have their original design files, so they were being charged at every place for their logo to be recreated for the application they needed at that moment. What a waste of time and money! We also help your business by making recommendations for your marketing budget so that what you are spending is the most effective and has the best return on investment. Our greatest goal is to partner with your business for the long-term so that we know your business in and out and that we treat it as we would our own.


I see you have a lot of clients. How can you be helping multiple businesses within the same industry?

Good question, I’m glad you asked! Just like a doctor has doctor/patient confidentiality, we approach our business the same way. We don’t share information between businesses. We also approach your business as a completely unique entity. Even if you have competitors in the same industry that we happen to work with, every business is very different. Your target market, your business philosophy, your approach with customers, etc. will be unique to you and your business. Something we pride ourselves on is getting to know your business so well that we can approach your marketing in a way that is completely custom to your business. We are always willing to sign confidentiality agreements but we feel that the confidential business philosophy is “just good business” so that’s how we do it.


Do you do everything in-house or do you send it all out?

We do a combination of both. We have in-house design and web development, marketing consulting, a sign shop, a large format printer, and apparel design & production. There are some items that aren’t efficient for us to do in-house because others do it more cost effectively and have quicker turnaround. Our philosophy has always been don’t reinvent the wheel unless it will directly benefit our clients – whether it be in flexibility, turnaround and/or quality. A couple years ago we realized that our clients needed more options for custom apparel design and printing, so we set-up our apparel shop and now have the flexibility to do anything from a single custom shirt to large quantities. Over the years of being in business we have found great partners who we not only trust, but who have the same attention to detail that we strive for when producing your products.