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How Design Affects Our Everyday Lives: Fonts

It is interesting how design affects our everyday lives. The following excerpt from Subliminal is a great example of why we do what we do. The unconscious elements will often determine whether or not prospective clients even give you the time to earn their business. Here’s an example of how important fonts are in making your branding effective or non-effective. 

“…participants were asked to read a recipe for creating a Japanese lunch dish, then to rate the amount of effort and skill they thought the recipe would require and how likely they were to prepare the dish at home. Subjects who were presented with the recipe in a difficult-to-read font rated the recipe as more difficult and said they were less likely to attempt to make the dish.

The researchers repeated the experiment, showing other subjects a one-page description of an exercise routine instead of a recipe, and found similar results: subjects rated the exercise as harder and said they were less likely to try it when the instructions were printed in a font that was hard to ready.

Psychologists call this the ‘fluency effect’. If the form of information is difficult to assimilate, that affects our judgments about the substance of that information.”*

Sometimes people ask us why they should hire a professional designer rather than getting their design from a templates site like VistaPrint, as an example. The example above shows that there is much more to design than just throwing text on a background. When we’re designing a logo, business card, flyer, etc, we take all of these factors (conscious and unconscious into consideration – one of those factors being the readability of the font.

~ Comfort, Owner of Concept Design Studios

*Excerpt taken from
Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow