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Should you be trying to “close” the sale?

I was reading a blog article from Emyth tonight. The article really resonated with me because I have never believed in or pursued being a “hard salesman”. What I mean by “hard sales” is putting pressure on your clients to make a decision immediately, coercing them, or thinking of only what you get out of it whether or not […]


Why did you start this business? I started this business because I saw a need for small businesses to have their own personal marketing department, without having to staff it. I managed a sign department for a small business before starting CDS and I learned a lot of valuable lessons from interacting with clients. Most […]

4 Branding Lessons Every Small Business Should Know

When you’re branding your company and you’re just starting out, you obviously want everything to go smoothly. Unfortunately, there are some easy branding mistakes to make along the way. Here are some of the common mistakes that new businesses make regarding their branding. Avoid them at all costs. 1. You don’t have a clear understanding […]

What Sets Us Apart

We get this question often…Why should we use you when there are so many options out there?  These are some of my answers to their questions… General Info: We are a one-stop marketing studio/boutique. We do everything from marketing consultations, design, printing, signs, website development, promotional products and clothing/apparel. We pair small-town customer service with […]

How we design/develop our websites…

I was reading this book and realized that it summarized exactly how we design and develop our websites.  If you have a business website, this is a must-read.  There is so much that goes into an effective website.  Read & Enjoy! Click here for “25 Website Must-Have’s”

It’s Your Reputation…

This is a great article to help small businesses keep a clear focus on their business health.   ———————————– Article written by: Mary Rosenbaum With all the hype surrounding social media, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball of what really drives your business. But as an entrepreneur or small business owner, your top […]

The Best Sales Technique You’ve Stopped Using

This is a great article that I ready by Jeff Haden.  We have all known people who do not seem to be a “sales person” but yet somehow their enthusiasm and knowledge of their product/service wins us over.  There are others who have to go through their whole talk before they will even start listening to […]