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Dakota Murdock

Dakota has been working on theĀ  production side of Concept since October 2018. You can find him working alongside Bobb printing shirts, constructing signage, and doing installs. With a love of art, design, and working with his hands, jumping on the Concept team has been a great fit. Getting the chance to work on such diverse projects with an exceptional team keeps Dakota on his toes and makes it fun to come to work each day.

Outside of work you can find Dakota working on a wide array of hobbies such as leather carving, art, cooking, music, and making jewelry and furniture. He also finds enjoyment in the outdoors with hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, and just spending time in nature.

The future for Dakota is broad with adventures to embark on, challenges to conquer, and dreams to fulfill, but he hopes that his faith, love for his family, and his heart for those around him will be a positive influence on those around him.