Its never to early to start thinking about the Holidays…

As we start thinking about a “new” year, with school starting up in a week or two, I realize that the Holidays are almost around the corner.  Yikes!  Many of our clients plan on doing a bunch of stuff for their employees and/or clients around the Holidays.  But often, their dreams/goals get shoved to the background with all of the craziness as the festivities draw closer.  We often hear, “well, I guess next year”.  Let this be the year that you plan ahead and get those things done before its too late.  Some ideas for gifts:

  • Coffee mugs – ceramic/stainless/travel
  • Clothing – Shirts/Soft-shell Jackets
  • Coffee/Wine/Champagne
  • Belgian Chocolates
  • Water Bottles – acrylic/stainless
  • Canvas art prints
  • Plants – bamboo, wildflower seeds, mini rose bushes

There are so many other options.  Let us know if you need some unique ideas.  Make your employees and clients feel really cared for!

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