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Our Famous Facebook Audit!

We have had a lot of our clients ask us how to optimize their Facebook business page more effectively. We decided to make a Facebook Audit that we go through with our clients to make sure that they have all of the necessary items on their Facebook page as well as giving them a plan for the future that they can implement themselves. We wanted to make it a little more fun by giving a “grade”. Most of our Facebook Audits have received a grade of around 8-12 out of 18. What will your Facebook grade be?

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These Facebook Audits are $199 but we have been charging an introductory price of $99. If you schedule a Facebook Audit with us, this is what you’ll get/learn:

  • We will go into the backend of your business page before we meet and “grade” your page
  • We spend 45 minutes going through the Facebook Audit with you in person or on the phone
  • We print out/email you your Facebook Audit to take notes on as we’re going through everything together
  • We give you recommendations on how to optimize your Cover Photo and Profile Photo
  • We show you how to calculate your page and post engagements
  • We guide you on how to post a variety of posts and which are the most effective
  • We share with you some trends in marketing so you can market the most effectively
  • We give you basic information on Boosting posts and looking at the effectiveness of your current posts
  • We give you tailored recommendations to your specific business and Facebook page
  • We give you recommendations on how to continue effectively with your Facebook page

So if you are interested, schedule a time for us to do an Audit!

A lot of people wonder if Facebook is really a good way to do marketing. There are a ton of different ways to effectively market and we believe that Facebook is a really great tool. Here are a few reason why Facebook is worth using as part of your marketing plan:

  • Similarly to Google AdWords, you can really tailor your ads to your target market and a very specific demographic
  • The cost of advertising is extremely low and can be extremely effective
  • It is a great way to market locally and get branding recognition in a small market
  • It is also a great way to market nationally much cheaper than many other types of marketing
  • It is a great way for clients to connect with you on a personal and more interactive level
  • Its fast and easy to post new projects or portfolio items
  • You can cross-promote with Instagram
  • You can connect your website with your facebook page and post your blog articles on your facebook page for more interaction

Those are just a few of the reasons that Facebook should be one of your marketing avenues for your business! Please let us know if you have any questions about our Facebook Audit!