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Study: Companies Missing Opportunity To Utilize Social Media

Many companies are missing an opportunity to utilize social media channels to drive sales growth because of a misunderstanding of what consumers want out of those channels, according to a recent study. The study, conducted by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), found that a majority of consumers say the top reasons they interact with companies via […]

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How to Create a Great Place to Work

Do you have a great place for people to work? If you hesitate when answering that question, it may be time to give it some thought. Having a high turnover rate means that there are problems with the company culture. The last thing you want to do is spend your time recruiting, hiring, and training, […]

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Durability of Different Shirt-Making Methods

Plastisol / Screen Printed Transfers These are transfers that are screen printed by an outside transfer company or by yourself with the use of screen printing equipment Durability – Very Good, often outlasts the life of the garment. Look/Feel – Identical to screen printing Ideal For – Higher quantities, where a repetition of one design […]

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Improved Productivity

Productivity can seem so elusive at times. It can be hard to prioritize, manage the workload and stay focused, but with a few simple steps and a good dose of discipline, you can be on your way to more control over your days. Plan your exit. Productivity for tomorrow starts today. Set a time to leave […]

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Uni-Tasking vs. Multi-Tasking

This is a great article by my mom, a time management expert. Hope you enjoy! Multi-tasking was the darling of time management experts in days gone by. Now that we’ve had time to study multi-tasking, research has shown that it may not be as efficient as we thought. Studies have shown that when we jump […]

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Women Business Owners to Lead the Nation in Job Creation

Where will tomorrow’s jobs come from? Everyone from Main Street to the White House is focused on that question. Well, according to new data projections from The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, future job growth will be created primarily by women-owned small businesses. Guardian’s research shows that by 2018 women entrepreneurs will be responsible […]

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