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SEO – Online Directories

The web design and development department here at Concept Design Studios has grown a lot in the past year!  One area in which we are expanding our expertise is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  A beautifully designed website doesn’t help much if no one can find it, so getting your website to show up in […]

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Promotional Products Cost Effective Form of Marketing

In June and July of 2008, a team of interviewers surveyed 465 businesspeople in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia on behalf of ASI regarding promotional products they had received. The purpose of the interviews was to understand how advertising specialties influence end-users’ purchasing decisions; determine the number of impressions of popular advertising specialties; […]

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I just found out about this great new advertising medium – Gobza.com.  Basically it is an alternative to Seize the Deal or Groupon.  Those companies give great coupons to their customers but the problem is that it costs the advertiser a lot of money.  They are not only discounting their services a bunch but then […]

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Mission: Small business…We need your support!!

Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business℠, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But we need at least 250 votes at missionsmallbusiness.com. We have submitted our grant proposal.  If you are interested in  reading what we submitted, see below. Thanks so much for your support! OUR SUBMISSION: […]

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